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301 State St.
Charlevoix, MI 49720

(County Building: main floor, 
front of building, enter from parking lot)

Kevin Shepard, County Administrator / Human Resources Director
Lora Roberts, Administration Resources Coordinator
Sienna Wenz, Administrative Assistant

What W
e Do:
We are responsible for the oversight and day-to-day operations of Charlevoix County government, as directed by the Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners.  We also work in close coordination with other departments to maintain the operation of our infrastructure and facilities, particularly our Maintenance & Grounds and the IT & GIS Departments.  As neither have full-time dedicated office staff, in most cases we are the initial point of contact for the general public when communication is needed.  Another function of this office, is handling Human Resource issues and providing short term administrative support to departments in need.  We also manage the Parks Millage Fund application process, and are responsible for the overall website application of the county (note: each depa
rtment is responsible for the information and applications of its own webpage).        




Employer:  Charlevoix County
Position: Parks & Maintenance Technician
Department: split:  Parks & Planning and Building Maintenance
Pay Range:  full time with benefits

While working for the Parks & Planning department during the summer season, you will perform duties as “Parks Maintenance Supervisor”.This position will be responsible for organizing, scheduling and performing all maintenance duties for Whiting Park, Thumb Lake Park and our trails, including spring and fall opening and closing of park and trail facilities.  You will be responsible for overseeing seasonal staff, who will assist you in the routine duties of maintaining the grounds and facilities, including but not limited to: lawn care, shower and bathroom facilities and janitorial services, clearing and maintenance of trails, removal of brush and debris, care and operation of motorized equipment, and other tasks necessary to maintain an operational park and trail system.  You will work under the direction during this time, of the Parks Manager.  In the alternate seasons, you will work as a technician under the direction of the Maintenance Department’s supervisors.  You will assist with any project needed during the winter months, particularly snowplowing, daily or routine snow removal from doors and walkways to maintain building access. Other duties may vary from day to day and may range from painting or cleaning, assisting your supervisor with installation of mechanicals, cameras, office equipment and furnishings to floor care and janitorial service.  You may also assist with the routine operations of our fleet car program during this time with duties such as detailing and basic car care.

Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds
Must possess ample range of motions allowing for quick movements, as necessary, for safety and operation of powered equipment and to perform duties needed to properly clean and maintain facilities
Must have operational knowledge of several forms of routine lawncare equipment:  zero turn mowers, lawn tractors, weedwhips, trimmers, leaf blowers and chainsaws as well as the proper maintenance, operation and safety of each to not only use yourself, but to train others
Must maintain a valid driver’s license while performing this job, as traveling independently to and from various locations throughout the day is necessary
Must be able to physically walk long distances: this is necessary to reach various areas of our non-motorized trail systems that are only accessible by foot, or to operate walk-behind floor equipment utilized in cleaning lengthy hallways and corridors
Must be willing to access heights: work on ladders, roofs, in/around trees and other areas off of the ground are a necessary part of this position
Must be willing to work weekends or on holidays during the months of park operation, as necessary
Basic understanding and concepts of skills such as carpentry, plumbing or electrical is desired

This position will be located both indoors in a climate-controlled atmosphere and also outdoors during times of inclement weather including rain, sun and snow.  You will work in environments that either contain or require the use of cleaning chemicals and agents, weed and lawn agents and chemicals, and other similar products as necessary.  You will be working in wooded areas that may contain pollens, allergens and plants or weeds that may cause itching, irritation and or other reactions.  You may work in small or enclosed spaces from time to time, which may include areas such as ducts, crawl spaces and installation areas in/around/behind mechanical systems and other such locations.

How to Apply:  cover letter, resume AND Charlevoix County employment application (located on the “employment opportunities” page of must be submitted AS ONE PACKAGE via email: via walkin or mail:  Human Resources, 301 State St., Charlevoix, MI  49720

Employer:  Charlevoix County
Position: Deputy Clerk
Department:  County Clerk
Pay Range:  full time with benefits, $14.94 to start 

This position is Monday through Friday, business hours, no weekends.  As a Deputy Clerk, you will be assisting the County Clerk and other department staff in the daily operation of the department.  This will require assisting the general public at the window, on the phone, via email and through other forms of correspondence.  You will be utilizing various forms of office equipment, with heavy computer-based workloads.  This office oversees elections, vital records (death, birth, marriage) is the Clerk for our court system, gun permits, and handles other forms of both personal and business filings for Charlevoix County. 

This person must be very computer literate, quick to learn new software and specialized programs.  You must be able to lift a minimum of 20 pounds and be able to twist, turn, and bend in a range of motions necessary to file in both bottom/lower and upper/overhead locations.  You must be able to move between and utilize both a phone and computer at various locations throughout the office, as well as being able to traverse to and from multiple offices and locations on multiple floors of the building throughout the day if needed.  This position requires confidentiality, and the disclosure or release of information in any unauthorized manner may results in either disciplinary or legal action, as appropriate.

This position is based indoors, in a climate-controlled atmosphere.  You will be in direct contact on a daily basis with members of the general public.  This is a County facility, housing other county departments, as well as courtrooms and their associated proceedings.

How to Apply:  cover letter, resume AND Charlevoix County employment application from this page.  All must be submitted AS ONE PACKAGE via email: via walkin or mail:  Human Resources, 301 State St., Charlevoix, MI  49720

 Employer: Charlevoix County
Department: Sheriff / jail
Position: administrative assistant
Classification: part time, weekdays

The Sheriff’s Department and/or Jail will be hiring an administrative assistant to work in conjunction with their current staff.  This position will be utilizing standard office equipment which includes, but is not limited to, computers, phones, all-in-ones, and programs specific to the duties of the department.  You may be greeting and interacting with the general public as well as various members of our law enforcement team.   

You must have a high school diploma or the equivalent, and have a minimum of 1 year office experience

You must be able to calculate and handle cash, and must also be able to quickly and accurately speak, read and write in English as a primary means of work communication.  This position requires the ability to maintain stringent levels of confidentiality, and disclosure of confidential information may result in either disciplinary or legal action.  If offered the position, you must be able to pass a physical/drug screen and a background check.

This is an indoor, office setting position within a climate-controlled atmosphere.  The facility also houses inmates, and you may interact visitors of the same. 

Please submit AS ONE PACKAGE: resume, cover letter AND Charlevoix County job application - incomplete packages will not be considered (Applications are available for download from this page page).  Complete packages may be submitted via email, mail or in person to:
Human Resources
301 State St.
Charlevoix, MI  49720



Employer: Charlevoix County
Department: Sheriff / Jail
Position: Cook
Classification: Part Time

Your primary duties will be preparing and cooking meals for the jail inmates.  This may also include processing fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden in the summer and fall, and will also include cleaning and other similar duties pertinent to the upkeep and operation of a commercial kitchen facility.

Food service experience in a commercial capacity preferred:

  • Possess good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must be able to prepare 3 meals per day without supervision and oversee kitchen sanitary procedures.
  • Previous employment as a cook in a high-volume facility such as a school, nursing home, hospital or large restaurant a plus.

Must be able to lift, transfer and move cases and large containers of foods and produce, must be able to bend, twist and turn in order to accommodate trays and pans to and from stoves, ovens and other service related kitchen functions.

Working in a commercial kitchen, you will routinely encounter high temperatures in and around ovens, dishwashing areas and other portions of the kitchen.  You will be routinely entering/using walkin coolers/freezers as well.  You will be working in a facility that houses inmates.

Please complete Charlevoix County job application from this page, and submit along with resume either in person or via email to:
301 State St.
Charlevoix, MI  49720

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