Department Contact:
General Questions:  231-547-7221
Hazardous Waste & Recycling:  231-237-0156

Frank Shaler, Recycling Department Head
Terry Amick, Recycling Director

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Currently only located in Charlevoix, we are experimenting with new bins that are designed for cost efficiency and safety.  These new units are sized "2 to 1" over our older green models.  Meaning, instead of each being a large unit which requires individual removal from the site every time it's full, transportation to a facility where it can be dumped and then returned individually to our sites, the new models are smaller allowing a truck to dump on the spot each time a unit is full with the ability to dump multiple units at a time.  This means in simple terms, a single truck can stop and empty several units at a time when full, and with the same equivelant of space by going 2-to-1, it should allow for more available room more often!  This results in less transporation time, mileage, and expense.  The second feature of our new trial bins, is SAFETY.  Always a top concern, the newer, rounded configuration - "porthole" shape some may say - are configured in a way that assists in limiting "dumpster diving", which can easily result in injury by glass, metal, and other recyclable products.  So, although they are 1/2 the size, there are twice the number, and although holes are reconfigured, they are safer.  Overall we are excited about the results of our trial program in Charlevoix.
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