Parcel Search & Mapping

Parcel Map Search: Updated 2/1/2017


Need help navigating the new mapping application?
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NOTE: This map has a margin of error of +/-30 feet and is NOT meant to distinguish any legal boundary, CANNOT be used in place of a survey, and cannot be used for any legal representation of property lines.

Please contact Emily Selph at 231-547-7230 or with questions/comments on this application, or for help using it.

Parcel "Tax Roll" Search: Updated 2/1/2017 

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NOTE: Search results now include a map. If needed use the +/- in the top right corner of map to zoom. Click on the parcel to highlight it in yellow. The map will be included when the parcel detail is printed. If Internet Explorer crashes  CLICK HERE to use the full window version or try a different browser.

Note: CLICK HERE to change the mailing address associated with your property.

Delinquent Tax Search

CLICK HERE to search for parcel or delinquent tax information through BS&A's web site.